About Us

About Us

Poko Loko has been a fully insured, state licensed center since opening its Glenview school in 1965. Today the same family that started the Glenview school operates its four locations.
Our service is to care for and educate children between the ages of 6 weeks through Kindergarten. Our main goal is for your child to be happy and secure while away from his or her parents. We wish to keep your child safe and help maintain their good health. In addition, we hope to teach cooperation, sharing, and communication skills, as well as other preschool tasks through creative educational activities. Our curriculum is theme-based and includes a variety of topics, thus helping to ensure a well rounded child who is perfectly ready to enter grade school.

Fun Times


  • Family Owned & Operated for Over 40 Years
    We care about you and your child

  • Educated & Loving Staff
    We give lots of hugs

  • Communication
    We are always available to talk

  • Curriculum
    Theme-based, structured, developmentally appropriate

  • Safety & Security
    Safe toys and environment; secure doors and locks

  • Diversity
    Our teachers and students encompass many races and religions

  • Cleanliness
    We strive to keep our school as clean as your home

  • Stimulating Environment
    You will not find a brighter or more colorful school

  • Nutrition
    Breakfast, lunch, and two daily snacks; all well-balanced and delicious

  • Open Door
    You can always stop by to see your child; no advance notice is required


“Love and Respect,
Dream Building Too,
Safe – Cheerful – Warm,
Our Promise To You”

Our philosophy is to provide an overall environment for your child that fosters learning, social growth, and positive self-image.

Principals administered by our qualified and caring staff will help to set the foundation for your child’s bright future.

Happy Children